Dark Elegy was launched to develop the best in original content. We feature poignant stories, unique characters, and resonating themes at the mid-budget range with the best key creative talent that is right for our projects. Our company is committed to bringing strong female voices to the screen, and to key creative positions within the production. These products are high quality commercially viable, genre entertainment media for worldwide distribution.



Extremity is a transgressive voyage through the traumas that terrify us and shape us. A psychological thriller, stylized and surreal, based on the latest craze captivating horror junky audiences......extreme haunts.


​In the near future, four friends travelling to a remote National Park, fall prey to a bloodthirsty hunter, eager to feed his mysterious beasts.​

In a search for a new father and husband for their family, a trio of terrible temptresses lure unsuspecting men to the motel they own and hold them captive with the purpose of continuing their family's murderous bloodline.

Grieving the loss of his wife to cholera in 1851 Oklahoma Territory, a former beloved Deputy finds himself at a crossroad when an innocent and tragic mistake forces him on the run.